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Papers, Reports and Presentations

This material will be developed and augmented over time to create resources for people interested in building effective collaborations between researchers and industry.  Because the material is being updated and reviewed over time this will always be work in progress – so we apologise for incompleteness.

General Guidance

Under construction

Engagement and dissemination

The ISSUES (Sustainable Urban Environments) programme developed some excellent tools including:

Planning for impact

A Pathways to Impact Plan Dr Joyce Heckman and Wen Zhang of the OPDA Courses Team developed this one-page planning guidance from Claire Higgitt’s “Introduction to Impact for Researchers”

An Introduction to Impact.  An introduction for post-doctoral researchers prepared by Claire Higgitt of the Research Strategy Office

A good source of reference material is to see how others have written up their impact – you can see different forms of impact, the mechanisms used and the outcomes.