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We run a series of workshops and seminars to raise awareness and develop skills in setting up and managing collaborations and partnerships with industry. If you’d like to be added to the mailing list for future events, please contact .

Links to details of past events are provided below.

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Past events

For many of these events there are notes taken from the day and/or presentation slides – please contact if you would like these.

How to use ‘red team’ reviews to improve your bids (23rd February 2015) ( )
Using independent peer reviewers drawn from academia and industry enable you to create a much more robust presentation that is more likely to be compelling and less likely to confuse – so this seminar gave tips for using such review teams and incorporating their advice

Getting money from industry and the research councils (30th January 2015) ( )
Philip Guildford, head of finance and research in the Engineering Department described how to create a concise and compelling presentation and how to provide an introduction that tailors it to your audience’s concerns

Cashing in on your research – what could possibly go wrong? (12 December 2014)
Julian Peck of Cambridge Enterprise described issues arising in taking technology to market, illustrated by a real example.

Now that’s compelling! (28 November 2014)
Reviews of elevator pitches for a variety of research-derived opportunities by the Visiting Professors of Innovation highlighted good practice in communicating concisely and convincingly.

Selling for Researchers?  (31 October 2014)
A course in selling for researchers, with simple models and powerful lessons – an annual event with very good reviews

Engaging with industry: what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to (3 October 2014)
Visiting Professor Pieter Knook providing advice for early-career researchers interested in engaging with industry

Working well with your sponsoring company,  8th May 2014
Advice from the Director of Research and Finance for PostDocs and PhDs working in partnership with sponsoring companies

Pragmatic insights from the coalface – the Engineering Department’s conference “Research through Industrial Collaboration: Engagement in practice – lessons from the coalface” (1st May 2014)
Notes from the conference, featuring both academic and industrial perspectives from large and small companies from very varied industries.

What really happens in a review of your proposal for a grant? And what can you do to maximise your chances of success? (3 April 2014)
Dr Eoin O’ Sullivan providing insights in how to present excellent ‘Pathways to Impact’ statements to underpin research proposals

Staff exchanges underpinning academic / business partnerships – good practice and a support programme for knowledge and technology transfer (18 March 2014)
Charles Boulton describing good practice and how to get the most out of secondment – for academics and industrialists alike

Finding the second and subsequent rounds of funding for a Research Centre (20 February 2014)
A comparison in approaches to securing follow-on funding from three very different research centres sharing lessons and insight

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – disseminating, embedding and using research for real  (4 February 2014)
A presentation of the KTP scheme and how to use it to best effect for researchers and for industry

Disseminating research through consultancy – two different approaches (23 January 2014)
Comparison of doing consultancy through Cambridge Enterprise or through IfM Education and Consultancy Services

Seedfunds, start-ups and spinouts (13 December 2013)
Discussion of sources of early stage funding in Cambridge and the experiences of the CEO in setting up Horizon Discovery

Translational support (26 November 2013)
Survey of the sources of funding to take research to market and the pros and cons of each

Elevator pitches – an emerging art form (19 November 2013)
Lessons in how to present your proposition

Selling for Researchers  (8 October 2013)
Notes from the first Selling for Researchers workshop

Social Media training and conferences (mid-2013)
Lessons in using social media to engage with a community interested in your research

Google’s relationships with universities  (22 May 2013)
Some key points in building and maintaining a collaboration with Google

Entrepreneurship and the Stanford Ignite – Polytechnique programme (17 May 2013)
How Stamford’s programme to support entrepreneurs works

Working with Industry (16 May 2013)
Insights into the motivation of industrial companies working with universities

How to get more funding for your research (9 May 2013)
Tips from  Philip Guildford about how to formulate and pursue industrial collaborative research

What Industry wants from Academia  (8 May 2013)
Personal observations and lessons to be drawn from the PraxisUnico workshop

Running a good event (7 February 2013)
Tips from a professional organiser about how to set up and manage a smooth-running event

Getting your research implemented – a portfolio approach (30 January 2013)
How to build a portfolio of approaches to working with industry ad then getting them to learn about and adopt your research

Sharing lessons on research engagement and dissemination  (December 2012)
Ideas from research and practice in driving dissemination programmes to get your research out to the relevant audience